British Ghanaian Winnie Mills-Amui founded her namesake label out of necessity. 

“I have for many years felt that the clothing available to women like myself – with fuller figures, with professional needs, living a global life – never fully represented the many facets of our being.  I found myself tweaking, adjusting and altering existing brands to work. It didn’t make sense that I could not find any styles that worked." 

I wanted to launch a label that addressed this need – a desire that at times seemed unique, but it is actually something shared by so many globally.

With the pandemic forcing global communities and individual families to adjust – settle into new routines – prioritise different needs - becoming an entrepreneur was never the plan. However, upon hearing an ad prompting new business registrations, Winnie felt the opportunity quite literally fell into her lap.

A Chartered Accountant by profession launching a fashion business has been a crash course in an entirely new industry.  This entrepreneurial journey has most importantly reaffirmed Winnie’s drive to provide professional women like herself with clothing to meet their most immediate needs.