Winifred Mills Primary Logo 

 Ghanian born Winifred Mills founded her namesake label out of necessity. She wanted clothes to match her values. She wanted clothes to reflect her cultural identity. And most importantly, she wanted clothes that fit.

“I found myself tweaking, adjusting and altering existing brands to work. It didn’t make sense that I could not find any styles that worked – that expressed my style and made me feel like myself. What was missing was authenticity. My friends shared my feelings, so I knew the need was there – I just needed to figure out a way to make it a reality.”

The idea became a business only by chance. With the pandemic forcing global communities and individual families to adjust – settle into new routines – prioritise different needs - becoming an entrepreneur was never the plan. However, upon hearing an ad prompting new business registrations, Winnie
felt the opportunity quite literally fell into her lap.

A Chartered Accountant by profession with experience in Risk Management, Financial Auditing and Business Performance in Afghanistan, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates – launching a fashion business has been a crash course in an entirely new industry and with that came its challenges and its wins.

This entrepreneurial journey has most importantly reaffirmed Winnie’s drive to provide professional women like herself with clothing to meet their most immediate needs. This is a brand for women who want to confidently showcase their heritage, celebrate their femininity and harness their power.